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Exotic Eithne Livia Corsetti Fashion



Unconventional lady’s set consisting of an elastic top laced up on the sides which  resembles a corset and unique G-strings attached to stockings garter belt. The whole set in seductive black and a semitransparent lace. The top is supported on thin, adjustable straps which stretch through breasts down to the bottom coalescing with the stockings belt which is clipped to the stockings. Such design gives a figure a desired shape and creates an unconventional combination which inspires men’s imagination and acts like a magnet. The stockings garter belt consists of a lace frill which gives an effect of a mini-skirt.

This item arrives packed in aLivia Corsetti Fashio box.

  • Brand: Livia Corsetti 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Stockings not included
  • Gift Boxed

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